Withered Away
Game Design, Level Design, Narrative, Art
Withered Away is a fast paced 2-D platformer where you play as Chichol, a Noir King, who just lost his wife along with his people to the mist. You must guide him to the heart of a dense treacherous forest to get put an end to the source of this evil. In this game, you either keep running forward or you die, quite literally!
Tenacity Flow
Product Design, UI/UX Design, Game Design, Graphic Design
Tenacity Flow is an interactive experience for the WatchOS along with an iOS companion app that is designed to promote and encourage self regulation and mindfulness in middle schoolers through video games.
Tank Games
Game Design, Game Development, Level Design, Art
This project is a collection of tank games, each adding a level complexity to the development cycle. Each of them build upon the previous iteration and introduce a new feature into the game. These include a single player 2-D top down tank game, a local multiplayer 2-D top down tank game and finally a 3-D team auto battler tank simulation.
Game Design, Level Design, Art
Vineout is a new kind of top down 2-D MOBA where you plays as vine saplings. Players can move their characters, grapple onto walls to maneuver or onto players to eliminate them, or strengthen their defenses to momentarily turn into a tree that acts as a wall.
Game Design, Level Design, Art
Linked is a local 2 player co op game, where the players are quite literally linked to each other. Players must truly work together to overcome obstacles and clear levels.
Exceed TCG
Game Design, Art
Exceed is new kind of TCG inspired by yu-gi-oh and other popular TCG's. With an interesting new mechanic, Exceed is a 2 player game that takes a new approach to the TCG genre.
UI / UX Design
Graphic Design